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    Unanswered: It is about loan management

    Again Hi to Everybody,

    My database is about loan management. In this database 1 member want loan Amount 10,000 and in his share he have only 1000. So, he will take other member's surety (read security) for 9000. I want to make a table according to member's account where will be a list of member's name and account number. There will be two field one is surety given and other is surety taken. When I input member's account number, it will show the list of surety given and taken list.

    Let me explain, Say my account number is 200 and I've took surety of member account no 521, 412, 311 for my loan. And another member who's account number is 620 and took surety of member number 466, 311, 200. So when I look my account, there will be a table where its shows in surety taken field account number and name of 521, 412, 311 and in surety given field it will show account number and name of 620.

    I hope you understand my requirement. If it is possible to solve, it will be huge help for me.
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