We have a daily batch job executing a oracle-plsql function. Actually the quartz scheduler invokes a java program which makes a call to the oracle-plsql function. This oracle plsql function deletes data (which is more than 6 months) from 4 tables and then commits the transaction.

This batch job was running successfully in the test environment but started failing when new data was dumped to the tables which happened 2 weeks ago (The code is supposed to go into production this week). Earlier the number of rows in each table was not more than 0.1 million. But now it is 1 million in 3 tables and 2.4 million in the other table.

After running for 3 hours, we are getting a error in java (written in the log file) "...Connection reset; nested exception is java.sql.SQLException: Io exception: Connection reset....". When the row-counts on the tables were checked, it was clear that no record was deleted from any of the tables.

Is it possible in oracle database, for the plsql procedure/function to be automatically terminated/killed when the connection is timed out and the invoking session is no longer active?

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