Our site was getting intermittent database errors and I asked my webhost to check what's happening. After some inspection they found that the database has few issues and tried repairing it. Finally I got following message from them-


I have attempted every repair on the InnoDB database and we are still getting the InnoDB log sequence number is in the future. At this point to get the
ibdata and the iblogfile to match up once again we will need to restore the
MySQL directory (which includes databases) from the backup we have on the
server. The process should not take to long but there will be some downtime
associated with a restore like this. If this is not the best time to restore
the MySQL directory I can schedule this for a different time. Please let me
know how you would like to proceed with this.

Can someone tell me what'd be the best way to address this issue. I really don't want to lose out on any data and want the dB to be repaired.

PS: If you need more information, please let me know and I'll get it from our web hosts.

Would really appreciate your help.