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    Database design issue, or parameter issue ?

    A good day !

    I'm having some issues with my sql database design… i think.
    Im starting out on building my first application using Visual Studio Lightswitch (C#), together with a sql database in sqlexpress.

    The problem i have with it, is a parameter/query, to filter my data correctly.
    But i don't know if it is a database design issue, or just the wrong parameter i'm using.

    I have created a screen in the lightswitch application called: Relations. (by just inserting the table: relations. And adding all tables relating to Relations).
    When in the screen: Relations, i go to a tab i created, UsersAtWorkstations. when selecting a user/computer, i want to display only Users + Computers associated with the relationship i have selected.

    I fixed that with a query/parameter.
    Query: where.Relationship.Customernumber = parameter
    parameter binding: Relationship.selecteditem.Customernumber

    So far so good.
    But i also want to have a secondary screen, called workstations.
    I cannot get a parameter to work in the screen Workstations.

    When inserting the table: UsersAtWorkstation.
    I get to see all users from all relationships. I only want to display users that are working at the relationship that the computer belongs to.

    Please help with reviewing the design of my database.
    Im wondering if it is a design issue, or just the wrong parameter i am using.
    Tnx !
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    I strongly encourage you to create this logic as views or stored procedures in the database.
    If you post the actual sql you are using, we might be able to help you. Your chances of finding and expert in Visual Studio Lightswitch on this forum are slimmer.
    If it's not practically useful, then it's practically useless.

    blindman "sqlblindman"

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