I'm trying to configure RS 12.6 do use cp1250 character set but I can't find a way to do this.
After installation of ASE (12.5.2) server for RSSD db I had to change NT section in locales.dat file (locale = default, us_english, cp1250), copy cp1250 folder from C:\sybase\locales\Polish\ and paste it into C:\sybase\locales\English
After that I was able to add db server with english language, cp1250 character set, nocase sort order and add Polish language.

But unfortunately I'm not able to set cp1250 character set for RS.
When I'm using rs_init GUI I don't have CP1250 on list of avaible character set for replication server.

Can anyone write me how to add this character set to character list before RS creation?

Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions