Hi guys,

I have a requirement to draw a label slightly outside of a report.

Let me explain the reason for this... I have a label printer that prints price labels, and at the top of this is a code 128 barcode. Because the barcode font has to be at least 24 or so to be comfortably read by a scanner, this results in a large font, with a pretty small resulting barcode.

The main issue is that the labels I'm printing onto are 25mm x 38 mm, and therefore space is at a premium. As the code 128 font carries some whitespace around the top of it (which is exacerbated as the font size is increased), I'd like to eliminate as much of it as possible as the specification states that the barcode must be at the top.

What I'm basically trying to do is when the report is printed, the barcode label control (or all controls) are shifted about 2mm up, effectively eliminating the leftover whitespace.

I found an example of how to do this in VB - Label padding with large fonts - But I can't manage to port it over to VBA (it's probably not possible without incorporating dll's).

Failing that, does anyone know of a method to redesign a .TTF file? So that I could just eliminate all the whitespace from the source... I'm not entirely sure why a barcode font needs padding at the top and bottom anyway really.

Any advice, thoughts or solutions would be greatly appreciated.