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    Unanswered: Using Pre-Printed Form in Access Report

    Not sure if there is a better way to do this but, I have 2 pre printed forms that we must use for submitting somthing to an agency. I built a database to house all the information but when it came to these forms I only found one way of getting them into an Access Report. I had to save them in Paint and save as a BMP file and then import that using the logo function in 2007.

    This method worked however, it prints smaller because of all the extra margin from the original form to get it to print on a single page without printing many blank pages.

    is there anothe way I could get this form into Access without any issues?

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    The short answer boils down to "more ways that you can imagine" but finding the way that best suits your needs is the trick!

    Based on what you've described so far, I'd probably just take the original scanned BMP image and crop it (trim off the blank space at the edges of the image). Because I'm such a lazy bum, I'd probably also store the resulting image as a JPG just to speed up the print process.

    There are approximately 1.6 bazillion other ways to accomplish this task. If my suggestion doesn't work for this process, explain what the problem is with it and I'm sure that someone here will come up with a better answer for you!

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    I'd talk to the agency and see if they are prepared to accept a representation of the form. usually what such organisations are concerned about is that the form looks similar, the data is in the same place and the same format.

    however if you are really really having to replicate the form you should be able to get pretty damn close such that OCR readers should not differentiate your Access report from the original. but it will be a pain to do
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