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    Unanswered: Report with loop count on textboxes...

    Hi fellow users,

    I'm having problems in creating report where the one textbox sole purpose is to output the calculated loop number.

    For example, I counted how many are there in my data table supposed to be outputted in between the user defined dates (This one's fine, no problem encountered so far!). Next, using FOR LOOP, the mentioned textbox will output the calculations done on the loop.

    The code is written in Detail On_Print() event of the report:

    Dim i as Integer
    For i = 0 To CountedDateByDate Step 1
    txtCNumber = i
    Next i

    What could possibly the problem? Could it be in the FOR LOOP?
    Thanks for any helpful replies and answers...

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    Is tbe code running?
    ... Put a breakpoint on the code and check it stops there.
    Does counteddatebywhatever have a value
    What is txtcnumber
    Why do you think you need to assign a value to a reports textbx cobttol ibsude a loop on a report
    If you must whynot assign the value of counted....
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    The answer is putting "=1" on the textbox control source and set running sum to "Over All". Then it's all good to go!

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