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    Unanswered: How to only display non-null fields in query??

    So I have a large database with the top 300 timberland owners with acreage broken out by state. I want to do a query where I can look up a specific owner and see which states they own land. The problem is, I only want to display the state fields that have acreage in them. is there any way to do this? right now if I enter "is not null" into the state fields it wont display the record at all if any of the state fields are blank. Thanks!
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    Im hoping that you haven't got a column per state. please. no I really mean it.
    if you have got a column per state then seriously reconsider redesigning the table so its normalised.
    if you normalise the db your current problem goes away.

    why woudl you want to
    well what happnes if the rubber glove merchants in accounting decide to split, say California into North & South, or add the Canadian provinces?

    ...don't think its likely to happen

    ...well I admire your faith in your users, I don't. I'd far rather let them decide what splits the want and let them manage that split.
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