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    Unanswered: Restore database on new server

    First - I do not normally work on sybase (usually db2 and oracle), so please excuse me if I ask some really basic questions.

    I need to restore a sybase 12.5 database to a new host, the new host will not be able to use raw containers. The old server has the master database on a raw device defined as follows:
    disk init
    name = "master",
    physname = "/dev/vg02/rsmaster",
    vdevno = 0, size = 153600

    We took an image of the old server (excluding raw volumes), and have current dmp files of all the db's, including the master. My question is since we will not have raw volumes, can I drop raw device, reinitialize it as file system and then run a restore? Really need help with the commands and syntax. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    As long as your database is created in the same order (data, log, data, etc) you can load a dump, regardless of whether the devices are filesystem or raw.
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    Thanks, that is what I was hoping.

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