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    Unanswered: mysql replication not work when db name appended

    Hi guys
    I updated db through phpmyadmin but it does not replicate to slave. But when i use command line let's say
    use dabname
    update query
    it works fine
    So i think replication not works when db name appends to table name
    any idea?

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    Just to clarify what you are saying here. When you use phpmyadmin to update a row this does not get replicated. However, if you run the same update statement using mysql command line prompt then this works?

    If this is the case, have a look at autocommit. It is likely that the update you issue in phpmyadmin is not committed to the database and as a result does not get replicated. To verify this, run your update statement and the issue a "COMMIT;" and go to make sure it is written to the database. Then see if this gets replicated.
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