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    Unanswered: Having Trouble woth subforms can anyone help

    I have created a main form and two subforms. On both of the subforms I am looking up name data based on a numeric id from a different table. When I look at the subforms independantly from the main table they lookup the name data correctly. When I drag them into the main table I get the #NAME? error message.

    Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?

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    #NAME? means that the data source is not valid/available/found.

    Is the data source for the main form related to the data sources for the sub forms? Have you set up parent/child relationships between the main form and the sub forms?
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    I suspect the 'name data' is not present in the recordsource for the 'main table' but is present in the subform
    a solution is to specify that the 'name data' comes from the sub form

    set the ropwsource appropriately. EG:-
    = forms!mysubform!wahtevryounamedataiscalled

    it does beg the question why you want to store data in a sub table, but then show it in the 'parent table'
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