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    Unanswered: How long will this take?

    Need your help - I need to present to the board of directors so that they'll put money in the budget for some SQL Server training from Learning Tree. the training is $5500

    I'm trying to build a strong case that this is the way to go as opposed to hiring a consultant as it would be much more expensive.

    Does anyone have any resources on time/cost it would take to setup SQL Server and build a fairly advanced database as well as maintenance costs etc? Or if anyone knows a faster, better way to get SQL Server DBA Certification any input is appreciated!

    Thank you!

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    Getting a certification and actually becoming a competent DBA is very different. This is something I am finding out myself.

    To be able to tackle the basics of being a DBA I would say you could pick up in a few months but the real issue will be when you run into problems. It's having the experience dealing with problems you won't have been shown how to deal with.

    What about trying to do the course and also the company take on a DBA in a temporary role whom you can then learn from?

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    I used to be a Microsoft Instructor specialising on SQL server and now am back in the corporate world for 3 years already as a DBA. Apart from the classroom training, you really need to create a dev/test environment for your DBA to play around and develop that confidence. Also to reinforce what they learned in the classroom by repeating the exercises in the dev/test env. That dev/test environment can be used to test deployment before deploying/executing in production.

    I agree certification is not going to replace experience. You need to identify and support your it staff who are keen to learn and become better to take on that role. One week of classroom training won't turn a novice into an expert.


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    The SQL Server training is, probably, more administratively oriented than database design oriented.
    You should do the training anyway, because you (or someone in your business) should be familiar with basic SQL Server administration if you are going to run an application off of it.

    But no....1 week of classroom training is not going to qualify you to create an enterprise database application.
    If it's not practically useful, then it's practically useless.

    blindman "sqlblindman"

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    Quote Originally Posted by blindman View Post

    But no....1 week of classroom training is not going to qualify you to create an enterprise database application.
    It only took me four years of university education and many years of real world training before I got the hang of it.

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