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Thread: Hello dbforums!

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    Hello dbforums!

    Hello everybody on dbforums my name is Brittney and I work for a software company in Simi Valley California. In my short time here I have learned a lot about data integration, data warehousing, data mapping and report mining.

    I hope to learn more about all of these and more here on the forum and I would love to answer questions about my company Astera Software's Centerprise Data Integrator(Centerprise Data Integrator 5.0) and EDIConnect (EDI Connect).

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    Hi Brittney! I am new to the forums as well. Did you learn about data from on the job experience, or did you have additional resources to help you along?

    I am coming from the world of audio signal processing and I would like to get into data/databases/big data. Do you have any advice?

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    Hey people! recently joined forum. work in a web development firm. looking forward for some good experiences here.‎
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