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    Unanswered: MS Access 2003 - Help with multiple subforms

    Hi All, I'm new to the forums and database design, any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

    I'm in the process of designing a database at work for multiple users (with security features) to house our equipment records. We have multiple types of equipment (weights, weighing machines, volumetric flasks and pipettes and length measures). Each of these types of equipment need different information recorded against them. To make matters more complicated most of the equipment is stored in sets. For example we have a set called Metric 1 which contains approximately 20 weights of different sizes another set called pub kit 1 will contain (normally) 5 different sized volumetric flasks.

    For each piece of equipment we need to know what it is, where it is, when we got it, its prescribed limits of error, calibration periods, when the next calibration is due (calculated from the previous calibration date and the calibration period), test methods, test results and have the ability to either put it out of service or in quarantine. What makes this more complicated is each type of equipment is tested differently (for example weights will have a single figure recorded against them - their measured weight - whereas a volumetric flask will generally have at least 4 figures (the measured value at the 4 markings on the flask).

    I think the best way of doing this is to have multiple tables set up, 1 for each type of equipment (set details, equipment details, test information). I would like to be able to access all of these different types of equipment from a single form. For example the main form would carry the set details, this then links in to the appropriate equipment details. Basically I want the database to display the appropriate subform based on the equipment type (which will be listed with the set details). For e.g. if the set states weights, it needs to display the weights subform. If the set states volumetric it needs to display the volumetric subform. Is this possible?

    I hope all that made sense. I am only in the design stage at the moment, but it would be really helpful to know if the database is capable of doing what I want it to. Any assitance (even just a point in the right direction) would be greatly appreciated.

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    yes its dooable
    but could be a complex design to cater for the different types of equipment. you may need to use the sub/supertype model

    I think you'd need to build a calibration specification for each type of equipment, identfying what the test should be. depending on the results of the claibration test on pass or fail is it an absolute value or a percentage

    you could then attach the calibration specification to an equipment type (eg weights) or Equipment (say 20Kg weights) or to specific items
    eg 10Kn Torque wrench or serial No 1234567 10kn Torque Wrench

    providing you normalise your design you should be in good order
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    Brilliant thank you healdem. I'm really pleased its possible (all be it complicated), we could of course build the database without this feature, but I think it will be much more user friendly with it. I'm bound to be back asking for more help on how it all works at some point, (probably when I can't get it to work lol).

    For the calibration spec I was thinking of simply specifying test points (so for example on a 25 ml pipette you might test at 25ml, 10ml and 5ml) the actual test methods are generally known by staff (well you'd hope they would since we are all quallified) The system can then identify (if I can get my lookups working) the limits of error based on the test point and accuracy class of the item. All limits of error are I believe specific values.

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