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    Unanswered: Extracting BLOBs from Paradox 7 database

    I have recently migrated a Paradox 7 database to SQL Server 2008. I later realize that some of the tables contained BLOB fields, which I need to extract. I understand that in Paradox, these fields don't actually contain the BLOBs, but rather a reference to an *.mb file wherein the BLOB lies at some position.

    The thing is, I have trouble accessing the BLOBs even from a native Paradox 7 environment (I'm using Windows 7, but Paradox 7 doesn't seem to mind as long as I run it in Win95 compatibility mode). The only apparent content of the column is the string "<BLOB OLE Object>" and Paradox seems to be oblivious of the fact that it should be a reference to an *.mb file. I have tried to look for a suitable .NET library to help me handle the *.mb files, but have had no luck so far.

    What to do? =/

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    New detail. Paradox reports "Blob has invalid header" in the bottom bar. In Paradox 7 and 11 both. Am I doomed? =O

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    the db and mb must remain in use together, in synch, just like a db and px.. you can't get anything out of the db for that field otherwise.. since a "blob" can potentially be anything (text, jpg, word doc, acad file, etc.) all you can do is extract it to a file and deal with it elsewhere..

    scan table
    x = [blob]
    writefile x

    if the blob file is no longer in synch with the table, or the file is missing or damaged, yes, you're doomed.. the repair tools can't fix a blob, because the tools don't know what the content is supposed to be
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