Novice. Can build basic tables, queries, and forms using point & click options OK. No coding so far.

Source Data:- One Table with 7900 rows and 20 columns
- List of [PartNumber] and columns of specifications
- Can add column "Reports to" or "Parent of" if needed (would have numerous parts listed)

1 - Search by [PartNumber] (I understand concept)
2 - Initiate OpenQuery(?) (I have "on-click" event understood)
3 - That updates sub-form (without manually refreshing whole page)
4 - Containing....
* [PartNumber]'s searched [PartNumber] reports to (Parents)
* [PartNumber]'s searched [PartNumber] consists of (Components, can also be top-level item)
* [PartNumber]'s that report to components (Sub-Assembly)
* I would also like the "Supplier" pulled from the Table to view (easy add)

How to Display: Tabular?
+Parent Items
- Parent [PartNumber]-1 / Description / Supplier
- Parent [PartNumber]-2 / Description / Supplier
+ BOM Items
- Component-1 / Description / Supplier
- Component-2 / Description / Supplier
- Subassembly-1 / Description / Supplier
- Subassembly-1 / Description / Supplier
- Component-3 / Description / Supplier

I don't know where to begin.
Opt-1: Using just one table (the way I know)
I thought having a column that has each included PN separated by commas, then have a DLOOKUP find searched [PartNumber] in that column. Problem: Some part numbers may be part of other part numbers (i.e. 201 is in 510-0201-00). This would may cause incorrect relationships to display.

Opt-2: Create "ID's" to associate items
- Use a 2nd table?
- Create a relationship from my table to itself?