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    Unanswered: MySQL 4 dB to MySQL 5

    Hey there,

    my problem is, that we have a small database (mySQL 4) and our provider told us, that we need to transform it into a mySQL 5 database, as they won't support 4 after a given date any more.

    The guy who made the initial setup of the db is unfortunately not around any more, so I have to deal with it, an I feel a bit overwhelmed right now.

    I do know a little about mysql, but feel fairly insecure.

    My question now is, how difficult is it to change a db from mySQL 4 to 5? Or would it be best to hire a professional (anyone interested?) to do the job? If yes, what would be a fair price for this?

    Any thoughts, help and hints are greatly appreciated.

    Best regards,

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    find out what is in the database
    find out how its used
    find out if its using any V4 specific features which have been changed in the release to V5 other words do an impact analysis of the p[ropsoed chanegs.
    if you are not up to speed with MySQL then consider brionging in someone to do that imapct analysis.. should take to long

    in the mean time you could try

    I think the main areas of problems will be whether your previous devloper used the JOIN syntax or the deprecated WHERE syntax to join tables

    as suggests
    the best way to see what needs to be done when upgrading is to try your app on the new database offline. Load up the app against the new db and see what breaks.
    it also means that you may need to go through every bit of your application to make changes

    GREP or a version of GREP will be your friend there.

    you don't mention what you are using as a front end, but you may actually NEED a developer experienced in the front end rather than a MySQL V5 guru. If you are using something like PHP check the developer isn't using deprecated features in that language. ferinstance PHP deprecated the MYSL library in favour of mysqli or PDO
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    I think MySQL 4 came with mysqldump. This is a command line utility which allows you to extract the contents into a single SQL file. Once completed you can re-run this into a MySQL 5.X version. NOTE that in version 4 TYPE=MyISAM was replaced in 5.X with ENGINE=MyISAM so you will need to go through this file and modify it a little before uploading into version 5.
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