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    Unanswered: LiveCode as alternative to BD

    Hi to all, this is my first post. Based on Tubbritt's comment in a previous thread, I also started to explore LiveCode. I'm already playing with new version 6 "Community Edition" which is free to download after creating an account on their site.

    I also found a link where you can download some excellent training videos corresponding to a previous version, but good enough for those willing to assess its script language (zip archive 61.5 MB)

    To me LiveCode seems pretty easy and more powerfull as well. Another advantage over BD is its ability to simultaneously create versions for several platforms (windows, mac, linux, android mobile apps). I'll continue to research this option as it seems really interesting..

    The commercial version costs $500 per year (community version has all features but requires to release apps under open source license)

    If more BD users join this discussion, it might be a good idea to create and move to a dedicated LiveCode forum to continue with this exchange.
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    LiveCode is a good product, and I'd be happy to create a forum here at DBForums to support it if our users want/need that forum.

    Before people migrate away from Brilliant, I'd suggest that you reconsider your development history as you plan your future. Migration is a big step for anyone, and if you have an extensive code base in an existing tool like Brilliant that move can be quite painful and it can take months or even years.

    Brilliant is a great tool, but it has hit a slump. It has had problems with updates, support, etc for either months or years depending on how you look at things. Most small companies have these kind of problems, they are not unique to Brilliant but I have to concede that Brilliant does seem to have had more of them than most companies do.

    Livecode is also a relatively small company. Their product is based on HyperCard, which is very good at doing specific things but has been a real bugger to extend when it has hit problems in the past... This is why the language has languished, and also why it is quite attractive to newcomers.

    I'm not saying that any one of you ought to do anything... You need to make that call for yourselves. I just want to be sure that everyone is thinking clearly before they decide to switch platforms, and that they make the best decision that they can based on their circumstances and past experience. While I'm not a Brilliant user, I think of the Brilliant user community here as my friends and I want to encourage you to think before you act!

    Based on my experience, you all seem to be squarely on the line between a power-user and a professional programmer. Power users are usually best served by a tool like LiveCode. Developers are usually best served by a bit more complex but much more powerful development environment.

    Either way, you need to settle on a product that has a strong support organization behind it, because that lack of support is what is causing you to question staying with your present environment.

    In theory, theory and practice are identical. In practice, theory and practice are unrelated.

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    Thanx for your reply Pat. I agree with most of your comments, but in my case I'm not so concerned about migrating existing BD apps as to find out if LiveCode is a better tool for new projects.

    LiveCode v6 seems a pretty mature product to me, and from what I read about their new licensing model their aim is to create a strong community of developers while offering a 0 cost solution that let's you develop and debug a new project until ready for release as a commercial application.

    I also regard BD as being a very good product, so I'm not encouraging to leave it rather than evaluate LiveCode more in deep as a potential option.

    Side by side, my impressions about LiveCode so far surpass BD, but as many reviews state, documentation falls behind and most training materials are sold, which is the main reason for doing my own tests and additional research. Regards
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    It's a crying shame we have to look for other solutions if you ask me.

    Brilliant Database the product is great, but the company are utterly useless at communication. I wouldn't be even looking for an alternative if they would let us know what the heck is going on.


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