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    Unanswered: DB2 10.5 not working with WebSphere MQ 7.5, possible bug???

    I'm setting-up a proof of concept with DB2 10.5 and WebSphere MQ 7.5 on two servers (Windows Server 2008 SP2) to test replication. I'm following this tutorial:
    IBM DB2 10.5 Information Center for Linux, UNIX, and Windows: Module 1: Setting up WebSphere MQ
    which at first glance looks perfect. So I installed DB2 10.5 and WebSphere 7.5, setup the queues on both Target and Source servers, and thus far all is happy. My queues are up, my channels are all up, and I can successfully send test messages between boxes.

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    So now I go into Replication Center and attempt to add my Queue to Q Replication. All goes well until I get to the point where I must select the Queue and it bombs with this: when I click the ellipse next to Queue Manager:

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    So I manually enter the Queue SRC_QM then clicking the ellipse next to the Restart Queue and Admin Queue does show the queues so I select the appropriate one and click Validate which Test Fails. No reason why.

    Can anyone point me to a resource or answer on how to resolve this? I'm following the directions to the letter, and I've actually redone this three times already starting from a clean box. At this point I'm thinking that either WSMQ 7.5 isn't compatible with DB2 10.5 or there's a major bug given DB2 10.5 is brand new. If I could get DB2 10.1 I'd try it, but IBM pulls older versions when the newer release is out.

    So thanks in advance for any suggestions. I'm kinda at a standstill until I can get this resolved. Thanks.
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