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    Unanswered: Basic database design


    I am creating a basic c# program, which records which documents have been sent out and who to (saved in the database as 'contacts'), and produces a transmittal report.

    I have had a problem with the design of the database when creating the reports, when using the database design shown in image 'Transmittals1' the results would understandably not filter down the contacts associated with a transmittal, instead it would show all of the contacts for the company associated with the transmittal.

    I changed the design as shown in image 'Transmittals2' so a table recorded which contacts were associated with which transmittal. This seems to work fine, but I have manually updated the information in the SQL database.

    I would like to check the database design is correct in the image 'Transmittals2'.

    Also would the SQL statement need to be in a loop to insert multiple records into the table as more than one record is required for one transmittal, for example the table tblTransContact would look like:

    transmittalNo clientContactID
    1031 221
    1031 227
    1031 230

    I hope this is easy to understand, but if you have any questions please ask, thanks in advice for any help.
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