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    Unanswered: Tables Relationship Strategy

    My db tracks equipment maintenance & repair for estate maintenance. And thanks to contributors on this site, it has proved to be very useful. I have 2 tables now.

    Table: ShopWork. Fields: JobID [Pkey]; Ynumber [text, unique number assigned to each machine]; WorkDone; WorkDate; Notes

    Table: Equipment. Fields: Pkey; Ynumber; Description; Make; Model; SerialNumber; NewDate; Active [Yes/No]; EquipNotes

    I want to begin tracking parts purchases and usage.
    Table: Parts (planned, currently a spreadsheet). Fields: Date; Vendor; Mfr.; Part No.; Part Name; Qty; Used On; Cost; Total

    My question is the relationship between Equipment & Parts tables

    I would like to know what the part is for when it is ordered.

    I was thinking of creating a category field in the Equipment table.
    Possible category names:
    Riding Mower (we have 4 different types)
    Walk-Behind Mower
    Leaf Blower (2 different types)
    String Trimmer (3 different types)
    Chain Saw (3 different types)
    Back Pack Blower (2 different types)

    For example, a fuel filter is used on multiple machines: trimmers, blowers, chainsaws.
    I order 12 at a time, and they are used as needed.

    I am curious to know how others have approached this problem.

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    Given the many-to-many structure of this relationship, this is a perfect case for an intersection table. This will consist of two fields - the PK from Equipment and the PK from Parts. These two fields themselves for the PK for this table.

    You can then drop the field [Used On] from your Parts table.
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