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    Unanswered: Referential integrity problem

    I have a number of tables linked to a master table using RI.
    Recently I added another table, no problem, but when I came to add 1 more, when I pressed save I got table is busy message. I exited PD & went back in. Same problem.
    I ended up getting around the problem by copying Master table with new name, exporting child tables, re-importing & setting up RI again. I wondered if it was due to too many tables linked, so I drastically reduced the number (I think there are 6 tables linked now).
    I had noticed that when I exited PD I often got a message asking if I wanted to save the table view properties (for master table, that I hadn't changed). I always said No. Also, when I opened PD, if the master table was closed when I exited, it flashed up briefly then closed again when I opened PD.
    I thought I had sorted the problem with my exporting/importing etc, but I had the same thing today with master table flashing up & asking if I wanted to save changes. To test, I went into child table & tried to save - got table is busy message. Any ideas??
    I have been using PD since v4.5, now on V10, Win 7 64-bit pro, 8GB RAM, all Windows updates applied
    Thanks in advance.

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    the truth is, long-term Paradox developers have always recommended that you NOT use RI.. problems like this, and problems way worse than this, can happen, especially if one or more files get un-synched or corrupted..

    master-detail relationships are an ordinary part of data structure.. you must handle the adds and deletes yourself, in your app

    if you have technical questions in this area, you should post them on the "paradox community" group, not here

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    Thanks will go there

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