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    Unanswered: E22003: (-1214) Value exceeds limit of SMALLINT precision


    I am getting the following error:

    TraceDBError #1ADO Error# -2147467259|Description E22003: (-1214) Value exceeds limit of SMALLINT precision|Source Ifxoledbc|SQLState |NativeError -1214)

    Database Error | A runtime error occurred while executing the query.

    I have checked my stored procedure and there is no value that is exceeding 32,767. But, there is a value that is equal to 32,767.
    I have no idea that why it is coming.

    Please help me with this issue.


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    ask your dba to indetify your session and find the failing sql statement.
    I am not aware of any APAR for this really basic and expectable errir.

    If the application allows the value of 32,767, which is pretty much close to the maxium admissible value, I seems expectable for me that a value greater than this can be handled, thus giving an error.

    If you play too much with the max and min borders, change the data type to integer.

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