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    Question Unanswered: Copy records from form and those marked with checkbox in subform to table with button


    I am currently working on a form in a database. This form is used to unite sets of values from separate tables into another table. For that I have created a Form with a Subform. The Form has several comboboxes, which let me select data from one table and the Subform holds the data from the second table. The subform is in datasheet view and has a checkbox to each record, so several records can be selected. Basically what I want to do is to use a button to select all the values selected in the Form and unite them with each value selected in the subform.
    Something like this:

    Name | John
    Surname | Price

    Check | Order | OrderType
    V | Car | Rental
    V | Bike | Purchase

    And when I use the button I want it to come out to Table3 like this:
    Name | Surname | Order | OrderType
    John | Price | Car | Rental
    John | Price | Car | Purchase

    Is it possible to do something like that?
    The hardest part for me seems to be the selection of records checked with a checkbox in the subform and uniting the selection with the selection from the form.

    Any help would be very helpful
    Thank You.
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    Sadly, noone helped

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