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    Unanswered: Database Creation Has Me Stumped!

    I am currently creating a small social networking site. I am ready to create the sign up page, but I want to create a unique feature. I want my site to automatically register all users using the same email service as friends. So for example, all people using "" will automatically be friends with all the users signing up using "".

    Additionally, I do not want anyone who is not using "" to access any posts, messages, or view any profiles of someone using say "".

    So basically, I want everyone using "" to be one group, and everyone using "" to be another group. However, I want the two groups to be completely separated on my website with no access to each other at all.

    I have scoured the web, and I cannot figure out how exactly I would go about coding this.

    If you have any input at all, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

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    I understand that these have to be separate but you can always add in a groupid field to each table which determines the groups of persons that can access the contents. So for example:

    group:, groupid: 1
    group:, groupid: 2

    In your content you have posts which also includes a groupid field. If the groupid has a value of 1 then you only allow users access this...
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