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    hello sir,
    I'm new database i need help here i have a database scheme....

    PERSON( driver_id:string , name:string , address:string )
    CAR( regno:string , model:string , year:int )
    ACCIDENT( report_number:int , accd_date:date , location:string )
    OWNS( driver_id:string , regno:string )
    PARTICIPATED( driver_id:string , regno:string , report_number:int , damage_amount:int)

    Now i Need Query for the following Issue

    1)Find the name of owner who owns a car that has minimum damage amount for accidents in 2008
    2)Find the people who owned cars that were involved in accidents at every location.
    3)Find the locations at which minimum and maximum number of accidents occur
    4)For each owner who owns more than two cars, list the ownerid, regno of the car having maximum damage amount, and number of accidents.

    Plz Help me Thank You.....

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    you need an appropriate WHERE clause for each question
    you need to form an adequate JOIN for each question
    you need to make appropriate use of SQL functions such as MIN, COUNTand MAX

    however this section is for the MONGO DB, in the NoSQL section, which really isn't going to help you get an answer. as you title this 'MsSQL' do you want the question moving there?
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    Please post in the appropriate forum section to get help for your issue.

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    Please can you take a look and reestablish the import for the order_item table

    We have an automated import tool that automaticllay imports data from the IMS MySQL data base to Zoho reports. One of the tables has not updated since the 18th of July (this is odd as there have been no changes to the table and other tables have updated correctly).We did manually import a record without any data configuration changes and it imported successfully.
    Please can you take a look and reestablish the import for the order_item table

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    Will this be working properly in oracle database 12c, cause i read in a Oracle Connections forums??

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