Often I need additional functionality for FileMaker for things like file manipulation in the OS. Generally I have used ScriptMaster and Base Elements plugins to handle such things and both are free plugins. Lately I have been using a commercial solution, the Monkey Bread Software plugin. It has an amazing number of functions, somewhere around 1100. Most FileMaker plugins solve one problem such as emails or credit card processing or image manipulation. This plugin is more of a Swiss Army knife with many different functions solving many different problems. It handles file manipulation just fine, but I really started using it because of its imagine manipulation abilities to make changes to graphics in a container field such as resizing, rotating, changing format, etc. But it the plugin does so many other things from hashing to CURL functions to general OS utility functions (e.g., querying info about the OS). You can find out more about it at Monkeybread Software - MBS Filemaker Plugin 3.2