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    Thumbs up Unanswered: SQL30081N Error - 10061 error code

    I am getting SQL30081N error while connecting to the database from an URL. I am using DB2 version 9.5 in UNIX AIX server...

    I am able to connect to the database in UNIX AIX server and I am seeing no problem in connecting ti the database in UNIX terminal. But developers sayin tat tey could not access the database thro an URL. I checked the following things from DB side:
    1. db2COMM registry variable is set to TCPIP
    2. correct port no is assigend.
    $db2 get dbm cfg | grep -i svce
    $more /etc/services | grep -i db2ckeuaapl1
    The port no is also assigned correctly.
    3. The database manager is running.
    4. netstat -an | grep 60136 >> The port is Listening only...

    I still could not figure about what the problem is. Please help me how to resolve this error? Do i need to check anything more in DB side apart from the above things?

    Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.

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    Try the telnet command mentioned here:
    IBM SQL30081N TCPIP communication errors - United States

    and check catalog info on the client machine.

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    Hi Thanks for the response. I tried the following command:
    telnet hostname port_no.... but it is neither fetchin results nor errors... I did not get any reulst output in the screen... wat does it mean? Does it mean that it is unalbe to connect to the server using the port??


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    no - db2 is not serving a telnet appl
    if no error - means you can connect to the port (so db2 is listening)
    there is another problem
    has this worked before or new installation ?
    firewall ?
    do you have a regular client somewhere ? try to catalog the db and connect
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    Re:SQL30081N Error - 10061 error code


    the probelm is resolved now... The problem is with winidows network firewall.. In Windows side the port details are not present in the windows firewal... thanks for ur help.

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