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    Unanswered: Call procedure from PHP

    Hi all,

    I've got a stored procedure, which execute several steps.
    When I execute the procedure from PHP, the procedure stops at a random point, but when I execute from MySQL, the same procedure executes flawless.

    Does anyone have any kind of idea?


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    How long is your stored procedure running for? Could it be that there is some kind of timeout issue which is killing the process?
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    1 to 3 seconds on MySql

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    got it...

    as I have dinamyc sql on the procedure, I execut the following steps:
    1. set the variable
    2. select the variable
    3. prepare a statment with the variable
    4. execute the statment
    5. deallocate the statment

    no problem executing inside MySQL, but from PHP this kind of treatment cannot have the variable selected.
    Just commented that line, and all worked fine.

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