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    Question First Relational Database Design

    I'm interested in learning about relational databases. I've also been trying to keep track of my personal spending and budget to build healthy spending habits. I thought that I'd combine these two endeavors and make a little educational project for myself. I'm probably going to use Open Office Base for now (since its free and I work on a Mac), but I'd eventually like to move onto online databases and get into mySQL, jQuery and PHP more.

    I've watched some online tutorials on Lynda and Youtube on relational databases, so I'd like to start out just with a sketch of what I'm thinking and get it critiqued. I'm not sure how well I did for a first go.

    Ingredient price analysis based on location and dates purchased
    Cost per meal or serving for recipes based on local ingredient costs (sourced from the cheapest location)
    Monthly spending analysis (percentage of food group purchased, costs based on each of those)

    I've uploaded an image of what I've come up with so far. I'm not sure if I handled a few of the problems in a good way. I'd love to have some feedback from some more experienced designers.

    1. How would I calculate the cost of ingredients for the recipes? I'd like to find the cost from the most recent shopping trip that contains the ingredient and from the cheapest store location if possible.
    2. The fresh produce v.s. packaged goods confused me a little. Did I handle this right?
    3. Any other advice?

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