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    Question Unanswered: Multiple Hires - Video Store DB

    I am struggling to get my head around allowing multiple hires in my rental database I am doing for school.

    note: all copies of media have individual LibraryID even multiple copies

    I have a transaction table and a hire table as follows;

    TransactionID PK
    CustomerID FK
    HireID FK

    HireID PK
    LibraryID FK
    TransactionID FK

    :Library: and :Customer:
    <<this is straight forward>>

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    So, what have you got so far?
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    Please see attached

    Quote Originally Posted by weejas View Post
    So, what have you got so far?
    So far this is what I have, I had to remove relationship joiners as they were adding foreign keys I believed I wouldn't need.

    I need to enable multiple hires from one person.
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    So If every Transaction can have multiple hires, link your TransactionID from table Transaction to table Hire.

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    Thankyou for help. I know have another issue. I have 3 tables off my Library table. Media, Genre and Console each have a (Text) and (Key) to save repletion of data. My problem is I am creating a form for Library Data Entry and I want to have a combo-box on form for each of the three tables. I have been able to get the ID fields in there but as they are just numbers it is a little difficult to know what they refer to for end user. I have been able to in the past used a syntax that allowed me to select certain columns from a table for values. But cant work it out again. Any Ideas?

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    I don't know enough about your db to help much at this point.Why not either a qry and combine all of the tables for your form or else use subforms and link to ID ? Of course you can use a combo as a lookup if you wish, but I need more details to offer any real suggestions.

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    I can see one little problem

    you library table only have 1 Media 1 Genre 1 Console per Library

    i would put a other table

    between the Library and the Genre so you can have many Genre to 1 Library same on duping records
    same with the Media and Console ones

    off the top of head

    you could put the number of Copies u have of each title in the Library

    then by count the number of transaction for a LidraryID on a date where the datereturn is null would give number - copies would give u the number u have left


    I think u would need

    INcomeID PK

    in the Library table add the PriceValue

    Why store pricevalue, Paidvalue twice as its the same number : good point

    Because you can put up the price on a item and it wouldn't change the Income Value that you already have got.

    Form the the Income table
    u can get the Best customer
    u can get the best Library rental by join to the Transaction table.
    and so on

    I have just PM you a web address
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    hope this help

    See clear as mud

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    Library Categories

    All my individual assets (Movies or Game) have an individual library ID anyway, so I have no need for the copies scenario.
    I have attached my ER Diagram.
    If I have to Im sure I can create a query for each of the Library Categories, but was hoping for a more professional way.

    Another one, is there any easy way to customise AutoNumber to GH##########.. Where # = number
    I tried with "InputMask" but it seemed to only allow data after the 4th #
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    Transaction Form (POS)

    Here is My simple Transaction Form, it functions for now. Although will require some cleaning up.
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