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    Different table sizes - question!


    I would really, really appreciate help as this has been baffling me for sometime, and it has been frustrating.

    There are lots of different subtype models and a model often has a different number of subtype models. Each model usually has specification data such as width, weight and sometimes other data such as angulation. Sometimes a model will have two sets of model subtypes (such as LSA and LS).

    I thought I could create a view to produce a table for each model but I am not sure what would be the most efficient way of doing this, or if this would even be appropriate.

    My head is ready to explode from being so overwhelmed so I thought I would take advantage of the knowledgeable members at dbforums.

    I have attached sample tables (in a png as an example of how I am intending for the data to be represented).
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails self-levelling-snowblade-tb.png   standard-bucket-tb.png  

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