Hi everyone

First off all, I'm totally new to Sybase DB sys.
I need to develop a script to check the system of a 3rd Party Customer, including some tablespace from sybase infos.
If you still read this boring message Please Help me.

They only provide me a list what they need to be check, like this:

"TableSpaces Sybase SYS-SEGMENT"

- adb
- audb
- admindb
- ahwdb

... but I couldn't find some tablespaces like audb:
adb system 150MB 117MB 32MB 21%
adb logsegment 75MB 74MB 0MB 0%

admindb system 1500MB 1155MB 344MB 22%
admindb logsegment 300MB 298MB 1MB 0%

ahwdb system 350MB 346MB 3MB 1%
ahwdb logsegment 100MB 99MB 0MB 0%
... and to check this info I use:
use $DB
sp_helpsegment "$SEG"
... but when I use sp_helpdevice

Device: ddev_audb, Total Device Size: 100.00 MB
Total Space Reserved(Already Allocated) 0 MB
... there are any logical explanation to this?