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    Unanswered: License downgrade : Ideas?

    Good Day,

    Recently purchased 2 workplace licenses for Brilliant, we have expanded our business and have 2 new users on board. We are currently using ver 9.42 and do not want to use Ver 10.. untill it becomes stable.
    I have requested a downgrade and have yet to receive a reply, so Im in a bit of a pickle..

    Any ideas or suggestions of what I might do,



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    Hi Dan.
    I'm not going to comment on you trying to communicate with Brilliant Database as I will only get depressed with the state of their support right now.

    If you are stuck, send me your v9.42 database and I will compile it in my SDK edition for you.

    Compiling does not modify your database, but what I will be able to send you back is a exe you can freely install in as many machines as you like that will act exactly like a workplace licence to open your database and use it.


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    Hello Dan, I have 2 licenses keys of BDB9 WP. If you promesse me to keep safe, I can send to you until you recived the downgrades keys by Brilliant Database's support.

    Well, I am not shure it will work.... May be James's idea is better. But you can try, give me your email.
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    Thank you sirs,

    I do like James idea of the compiling into a .exe file. I will defiantly give that option at thought in the future. As of now the program is about 85% there, I still have ideas popping into my head, and there is one nasty bug I am trying to find a workaround. I don't want to bother James every time I update the program, asking for a recompile.

    Just a quick overview of the program,
    Its is a asset / maintenance program, which keeps track of maintenance and asset history of hiway trucks and oilfield rental equipment. When repairs or servicing is required on a unit or asset a work order is issued. Parts, procedures and labor is attached to work orders, when the work order is complete there is a history of parts and procedures which to draw your accounting and maintenance history from. Simple yet very useful in our industry.

    The program is networked so Management / Maintenance and accounting can all access data as necessary.

    - I have one bug which has become an issue, that I need to fix ASAP, hopefully there is some wisdom I can draw upon from the forum that can help me find a solution.

    I have a "New Work Order" which contains a ID field, well all know this is suppose to auto increment, I use this field to assign a unique Work Order Number to each workorder. The odd time it will not auto increment, so I end up with 3 different work orders with the same ID. This is not good, when assigning parts to work orders, or doing history searches on a unit. There must be a unique number for each work order!

    I still await a reply from Brilliant Support on the downgrade issue.

    If there are "offers" of help I can be reached at

    Thank you,


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    Hi Dan
    Can not recall having problem with "ID" fields not being unique but have you tried setting the "unique" drop list in field properties dialog to "yes for folder"? Really should not be required but would be interested to see if it has an effect on BD.There is a second number that also should be unique - that being the internal record no accessible with record set actions and then set a maths field to this variable. Would have to be careful to make sure it is set before used for other purposes.
    Another idea if not too big a job might be to recreate the problem form and see if still has same fault.
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    I received a reply from Brilliant, I have my 2 downgrades.
    They were having " Server" problems.


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