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    Unanswered: Auto Populate Access Form

    I am trying to auto populate a form in access tied to a target list. can anyone assist with the code, what I am using does not work:
    Option Compare Database

    Private Sub cboAttendee_ID_AfterUpdate()

    End Sub

    Private Sub cboAttendee_ID_Change()

    Me.txtFirst_Name.Value = Me.cboAttendee_ID.Column(2)
    Me.txtLast_Name.Value = Me.cboAttendee_ID.Column(4)
    Me.txtDegree.Value = Me.cboAttendee_ID.Column(6)
    Me.txtInstitute_Affiliation.Value = Me.cboAttendee_ID.Column(12)
    Me.txtAddress_1.Value = Me.cboAttendee_ID.Column(7)
    Me.txtAddress_2.Value = Me.cboAttendee_ID.Column(8)
    Me.txtCity.Value = Me.cboAttendee_ID.Column(9)
    Me.txtState.Value = Me.cboAttendee_ID.Column(10)
    Me.txtZip_Code.Value = Me.cboAttendee_ID.Column(11)
    Me.txtE_mail.Value = Me.cboAttendee_ID.Column(12)
    Me.txtPhone_Number.Value = Me.cboAttendee_ID.Column(15)
    Me.txtTarget.Value = Me.cboAttendee_ID.Column(21)
    End Sub

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    Quote Originally Posted by C_Garcia View Post
    what I am using does not work:
    Can you elaborate:
    - Can you compile the project?
    - Do you receive an error message?
    - If yes what's the error code and description?
    Have a nice day!

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