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    Unanswered: CPU usage by each db2 application

    Version : DB2 V9.7 FP4
    Environment: Single partitioned
    OS level : AIX 6.1

    We are performing load test on database to determine how much load database can handle. Before the start of the test CPU usage on the server was 10-15%. But at one point during the test, I could see 100 application in executing state on database end and CPU reaching 100%.

    I would like to know how would be measure CPU used by each application. This is to findout the applications which are using most of the CPU and tune them to reduce the query response times and thereby reducing the CPU usage.

    Is this the right approach. Can someone please shed light and let me know how do we determine CPU used by each db2 application.

    Thanks for your help in advance.

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    Check CPU usage. Look for us vs sy. If us > sy, this means the system is spending most time in db2 code vs kernel code. In this case, you can collect:

    db2pd -edu
    db2pd -d <db name> -api

    From db2pd -edu, get EDU ID of the db2 agent(s) with high CPU and map it to the application in db2pd -api to find what it's executing.

    You can find more info by googling for "DB2 UDB Finding CPU bottlenecks" (presentation). Download it at your own risk.

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