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    Unanswered: Cascading Combo Boxes

    I have a web database in Access 2010 that is based off of the desktop product inventory database template that you can download from within Access.
    I have one form to create a purchase order that pulls a list of suppliers from the 'Suppliers' table, manufacturer information from the 'Manufacturers
    table, and product information from the 'Products' table. What I am trying to accomplish is when adding a line item (product to purchase), you choose the supplier at the top of the main form which limits the manufacturers in the subform that the supplier has which then limits the available part numbers in the last box. I have attached a screenshot to make this more clear. The issue is that there isn't a manufacturer field in the suppliers database, so there isn't a direct way to accomplish what I want.

    By default in the template, you can't select a Manufacturer or anything in the subform until you choose a supplier. The fields are locked through an AfterUpdate expression in the suppliers combo box. Once I choose the supplier, the subform unlocks (well, most of it). For some reason, after choosing a supplier, I can choose a product that the supplier carries but I can't choose a manufacturer first. The list appears, but I can't click on anything. If I choose a product, though, the Manufacturer Name field populates with the corresponding manufacturer.

    How can I make it so that the manufacturer combo box is limited by the supplier combo box, and the products combo box is limited by the manufacturer combo box?

    Please let me know if I need to explain something else or if you need more information. Thanks in advance for any help!

    Combo Box Details:

    Supplier Combo Box: (Main Form)
    Control source - 'SupplierID'
    Name - 'cboSupplierID'
    Row Source -
    SELECT Suppliers.ID, Suppliers.Company FROM Suppliers ORDER BY Suppliers.Company
    After Update - See attached "cboSupplierID-AfterUpdate1.png" "cboSupplierID-AfterUpdate2.png"

    Manufacturer Combo Box: (Sub Form)
    Control source - 'ManufacturerName'
    Name - 'cboMFGID'
    Row Source -
    SELECT [Manufacturers].[ID], [Manufacturers].[Company] FROM Manufacturers ORDER BY [Company];
    Product Combo Box: (Sub Form)
    Control source - 'ProductID'
    Name - 'cboProductID'
    Row Source:
    SELECT Products.ID, Products.ProductName FROM Products WHERE [SupplierID]=[Forms]![PurchaseOrderDetail]![cboSupplierID] ORDER BY Products.ProductName;
    After Update - See attached image "cboProductID-AfterUpdate.png"
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails cboProductID-AfterUpdate.PNG   cboSupplierID-AfterUpdate1.PNG   cboSupplierID-AfterUpdate2.PNG   accessforum1.PNG  
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    Cannot help you with this, but with 140 members having read your thread, without a single response, just wanted you to know that we're not simply ignoring you, but really have no advice to give.

    Very few, if any, of the experienced Access developers, here, are experienced with Access web-based databases. Almost anyone here could help you with cascading comboboxes, using VBA code. The problem, as I understand it, is that Access web-based databases can only be developed using Macros, and with the exception of a couple of highly specialized Macros, we very seldom use them; as a rule, they are simply too inflexible for serious development.


    Linq ;0)>
    Hope this helps!

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    That's what I figured. My main reason for using the web database was to push to Sharepoint since we use that internally for nearly everything else, but it only pushes the tables. Silly me for assuming that it pushed the entire interface. That would have been entirely too easy.

    Thank you anyway!

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