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    Unanswered: Loading blobs from del file

    I'm using IBM Data Movement Tool to migrate a database from DB2Z to DB2 LUW. This tool generates dump files with, for one table, blob data represented as hex within the delimited file. I wish to load this into an equivalent DB2 LUW table. The DB2 LOAD process loads the table without errors but the blob data got interpreted as text.

    My load command is something similar to the following:
    load from "/path/to/file"
    of del
    modified by codepage=1208 coldel~ anyorder usedefaults chardel""
    delprioritychar dumpfile="/path/to/dumpfile"
    method p (1,2,3,4,5,6)
    messages "/path/to/messagefile"
    replace into "schema"."tablename"
    for exception "schema_exp"."tablename"
    indexing mode autoselect
    Am I missing something here ? Any idea / suggestion is welcome.


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    To load LOBs properly you need to specify the LOBS TO and/or MODIFIED BY LOBSINFILE options on both export and load. If IDMT doesn't do it for you then you'd need to move that table manually.
    "It does not work" is not a valid problem statement.

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    Thanks for the prompt answer.

    It sounds like what I dreaded but it is strange that an IBM tool made to ease the migration of databases to DB2 is not able to generate "correct" del file, that's why I thought that I was missing something...

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