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    Question Am I interpreting Database Cardinality and Optionality relationships correctly?

    I have been working on a Database Modeling assignment over the past few days. I am at the point where I have to draw a UML Diagram which shows cardinality and optionality. I am stuck on this concept, want to make sure I am doing it correct, interpreting the diagram correctly, and that my diagram is understandable.

    I would appreciate it if you someone review my diagram and my answers to see if I am doing this correct and understanding the concept. You can view it at this link. Please view it and write down the what you think the relationship between the tables are based upon the diagram so I can compare it to my answers below.

    or by copying and pasting this in your url bar:

    Please review it first to see if you understand the relationship rules. I made the diagram this afternoon and did not have time to edit it. So, in the diagram, PersonID should be HistoryID for all tables except PatientHistory and Persons.

    You can find my explanations about the relationships between the table at this location. or
    at this link

    thank you
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