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    Unanswered: help required table design

    i have plan to create a analytic's table. Monthly approx 1 million records will be inserted to the table. How can i optimize the table and also fetch records fast way?
    If only one table is there then within an year my table would be huge and it will reflect performance so Alternatively i have planned to split the table monthly (Running a cron on server to create table) all insertions will insert rows to respective month table and while fetching the records i know how many table i need to take by using SHOW TABLES LIKE 'web_analyics_%' and i will use "union all" and generate the results.
    Is this better way to design the tables or is there any other way?

    Please advise on database and table design

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    a million rows a month is hardly huge.
    if it were a million rows per hour hour then I'd be starting to get concerned

    what is your evidence to back up your assertion
    my table would be huge and it will reflect performance

    a properly designed table, with a competant indexing strategy should be able to handle your requirements.

    as you db gets bigger you may need to consider the hardware its running on to maintain performance. that may mean more memory, more capable processors, better netwrok infrastructure and so on. most of that should be handled by a competent DBA experiecned in MySQL
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