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    Unanswered: Question Regarding Commit

    Hello SQL-Server-Experts,

    i was tracing one of SQL-Server Instances and found a strange Behavior.

    I've batches with
    taking between 3 and 5 Seconds. I've no clue what's going on there. Our SAN may not be the best, but there was no heavy load on the LUNs nor the whole SAN-Box. The Response Times were below 10 ms.
    What could be the reason for this behavior?

    At 8:00 this morning i had 4 of these Incidents in a row. At 8:01:08, 8:01:25, 8:01:26 and 8:01:34. There was a log-backup for this database, but that was finished at 8:01:02 and only taking 1 Second. There was no other backup-activity on this Instance. There is no other Instance running on the Server.
    The rest is occuring throughout the day at no special point in time.

    Any Ideas?

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    This coding idiom generally means that there are ill-behaved triggers on one or more of the tables being updated in your SQL batch. This is especially noxious when dealing with MS-DTC because of linked servers or application servers using distributed transactions.

    If you trace the SQL being executed (using SQL Profiler or Extended Events) you can probably find and fix the offending code. In the past this was usually due to triggers, so that's what I'd start investigating for legacy code. If there are no triggers, then check to see what your MS-DTC is doing.

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    Hello Pat,

    thanks for your answer.
    There are no triggers on the database and also the MSDTC is not used. There's no "magic" in the Application and it's using only this database. Also the Transaction are not that big, that a lot of data from transaction log has to be written to disk.

    Is it just a problem of the SQL-Server or is the Application or Application Server involved?
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