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    Question Unanswered: Export Attach Field And Replace With Hyper Link

    I have seen Topics related to the field of attachment,but still I have problem with attachment field:
    Describe the problem:
    The problem if your database contains a large field attachment then file size of your database increase very much!!
    and if your prosses of obtaining and addeing record to tables is that each user fill the data in form interface!!and then you append data in one main db.

    Now you have one db with one table that have alot of attachment in every record!
    Describe the solution required:
    Perfect solution for my problem is that I DO::export every attachment file to a folder that name of that folder is depend on a main field on that record(ex.Prooject_name) and in this folder access create a sub folder which has name of the attachment field name (ex.project_contract)then save attachment file to this folder.
    for example if project_name=A and field that you want to export is project_contract and your file name is contract.pdf access must create this path: (databse path)\A\project_contract\contract.pdf and then delete attach file and change to hyperlink!!!

    Attachment Description: There are Handmade examples in the table before editing tbl_project includes content ID, project name, contract, Gantt chart and ...
    There is a form with button "Export attach field, then Delet attach field, then replace hyper link" function to save the attachment folder for each project with project name and the field name itself makes any attachments in a folder, eg A project agreement in folder A / contract placed!!
    And the table makes the hyper link from the new saved file attachments within Microsoft Access keeps! (Tbl_project_after edit)

    I am extremely grateful to help you get the key code of form button!
    Maybe this link can help friends who are kind and want to help!
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    It is best to not store images, etc... in the db, instead store them in folders on your pc.Just link to that folder.

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