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    Unanswered: Report Page Footer Problem in print

    Hi all ,
    I have a report with Report header , page header , page footer
    I did set Page header (Not with Rpt Hdr/Ftr) because i want to show page header showing in page 2 and more not in page 1 , this section work fine

    i want page footer show just in page 1 and i set event like this

    Private Sub PageFooterSection_Print(Cancel As Integer, FormatCount As Integer)
    On Error GoTo Err_PageFooterSection_Print

    Cancel = (Me.Page <> 1)

    Exit Sub
    MsgBox "???"
    Resume Exit_PageFooterSection_Print
    End Sub

    This work fine too .
    i have a command button on my form to preview this report as well
    But problem is , when i preview the report in other pages <> 1 blank space already show instead of page footer
    because of this, i set this event too in report

    Private Sub Report_Page()
    On Error GoTo Err_Report_Page

    If Me.Page >= 1 Then
    Me.Section(4).Visible = False
    End If

    Exit Sub
    MsgBox "???"
    Resume Exit_Report_Page
    End Sub

    this work fine in Print preview too ,but my final problem when i print pdf or print hard copy to real printer the page footer is totally gone and just print out the detail
    i hope some one could help me ....

    i Forgot to say , with my command button i said
    Problem appeared after i use "acPreview" with this DoCmd.OpenReport "ReportName", acPreview
    If i use "acNormal" Problem will be solved but i don't want Report be direct print , i need preview before print

    Thanks before
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    isn't some one to help me ??????????????

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    what hell is this forum

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    if it works fine in acnormal mode then use acnormal mode. you can preview the report, make certain its ok then use the acnormal mode to actually print it.

    as to what is happening, the cause of the problem I dunno
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