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    Unanswered: Need Help in adding another expression to my database



    im in need of some serious help....ive provided pics to help with the visualizing and all...

    ok as u see in my daily roll call report i have 2 groups..."on program" and "graduates"

    these 2 groups are creating in the u see in the 2nd pic... the expression as followed

    Expr1: IIf([Date Graduated]<Date(),Date(),[Date Graduated])

    next you can see in my 3rd pic the report and the expression that gives the 2 groups there is as followed

    =IIf(IsNull([Date Out]),IIf(IsNull([Date Graduated]),"On Program","Graduates"),"Recent Departures")

    i will clarify that i took out the names in the roll call but both groups are sorted by the date they came in going down the list

    now i need to add another group "Staff Members" to my roll call...what would be best way to do this???

    every way i have tried altering the query expression or the report expression result in a blank roll call....thanks and God Bless!!!

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    haven't got a clue
    unless we can see the design of your tables then I doubt I will ever be able to understands what you are trying to do

    how do you know whether someone is a member of staff as opposed to a undergraduate / graduate. I suspect you are using the date of graduation as the way of determining that. but its not a robust way of doing things

    how do you intend to handle the difference between undergraduate and post graduate. and if my last pieces of work in University systems is to be believed how do you handle the situation where a member of staff may also be an undergraduate and or a postgraduate

    even once you have established how someone is a member of staff, then how in your opinion and your data model do you know where a member of staff should be reported in your form/report
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