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    Question Unanswered: What kind of .dat file is this?

    I inherited this software with the business I purchased. The guy was not IT literate and could not help me. I have attached the file. Can anyone tell me what kind of database it is used in? What software will I use to open it? Any database pros needing work to show me how to use it? Thanks!
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    could be anything under the sun
    DAT is a generic extension
    the size of the file would suggest to me its probably not a database file
    short of context then Its going to be tough to work out what it cold be
    a hex editor shows little or no discernable information

    it could be an export from an accounting program, it could be an audit log.

    presumably when you bought the business you bought the computer that has this file on. short of going through each and every program and then see if this file changes there is probably very little you can do to determine what it is
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    Even if the former Business owner was not IT literate, they should at least know the name of the type of software they were using (POS system, Inventory Control system, Accounting system, Medical Records system, etc.) and in order to have had support on it of any kind at any point in time, they must have known the vendor and/or manufacturer name.

    With even that little bit of information there is a Possibility of determining what might have been used to create the very generic DAT file.

    Good Luck

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