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    Unanswered: call load utility from zos stored procedure

    I'm running DB2 9.1.5 for ZOS (soon to be upgraded to v10) and I need to be able to run the LOAD utility from a stored procedure. I really haven't foundanything on how I can do this. Most items reference LUW and the ADMIN_CMD; which is not available for the Z.

    I have also seen a reference to DSNUTILU and a sample C program, but I have not found any examples using standard SQL PL and Stored Procedures.

    Does anyone have any idea if I do what I need to do on the Z? Can you point me to sample code?

    Thank you.


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    Here is a link to dsnutils stored procedure which enables the use SQL CALL statement to execute DB2 utilities from a DB2 application:

    IBM Information Management Software for z/OS Solutions Information Center

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