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    Unanswered: Compare two tables look for gaps, append them in new table

    I'm in bit of a pickle and anyone who can solve this for me I will be greatly indebted to.

    I have two tables: Actual and Schedule. My job is to compare these two tables, look for gaps, and fill them in a new table (append). Important point: tbnum corresponds to timeband. It's something I came up with to identify gaps easily. It's not permanent and Ill delete them later. I have created these sample tables:

    There are 2 scenarios

    1) JFKATL: there is a match in Actual table, so bring the original record for JFKATL from Schedule as well as from Actual for the missing JFKATL record into NewTable

    2) ORDSLC: there is no match in Actual table, but there is an apparent "gap" in timeband. So extend the timeband for the unmatched record and paste it in NewTable.

    Thank you for all your help.

    Edit: Sorry noticed a huge mistake in my sample. That's what I get for making sample out of scratch
    Scenario 1 is in yellow, scenario 2 is in green
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