Good day,

I have my conditional formatting setup and working well except for one part, not all the values are being formatted.

For a simple example I have the following returned by my query for the matrix:

South - Car - 2 - June
South - Car - 1 - July
South - Bicycle - 8 - June
South - Bicycle - 1 - July
North - Car - 1 - June

So my matrix would be something like this:

South and North in the row of the matrix, Car / Bicycle in the columns section and the values summed in the data section, I am not interested at this stage with the month.

My problem is that with the conditional formatting essentially North - Bicycle does not exist in the resultset so when trying to format the row with North nothing is applied to the background colour of the Bicycle column.

This is just a very, I hope, simple explanation of my problem, which I can't seem to fix.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A solution of well just format South is not the answer, this is a very basic explanation of my problem and not as easy as just formatting a different line.