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    Unanswered: DB2 for VM to MS SQL conversion

    So, here's the thing, the company I work for currently runs a z/VM 5.2 system using DB2 for VM databases (SQL/DS) and it has just embarked on a project that will move all system activity to a Microsoft AX system with Microsoft SQL.
    I have been asked the question whether or not a tool exists that will perform a conversion from one to the other, and despite trawling search engines, I appear to be unable to find such a tool.
    I've come close, with many references to MVS, OS/390, iSeries etc, but none for VM.
    I'm hoping that with the wealth of experience on this Forum, that someone can either point me in the right direction, or advise me that I am searching in vain. I am aware that the set up we have is somewhat unique.
    Thanks to all for your attention

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    there is a utility that allows you to create the ddl - not for ms/sql but for db2 luw
    most of it can be reused
    you can export data in del format and transfer this file to ms/windows - with translate from ebcdic to ascii
    there is no complete tool for this - better choice would be to move to db2 luw
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    Many thanks for the reply, it is appreciated

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